pátek 16. června 2017

Check the brand new issue of the CEMS Alumni Newsletter Czech Rep.

Dear CEMS Alumni,
there is a lot going on among CEMS Alumni in the Czech Republic!

Alumni Survey: we need Your feedback!
Share with us Your thoughts about activities for the 2nd half 2017.
It takes up to 5 minutes to fill in the attached survey: LINK 

Deadline: 23rd June 2017. Thank you for your collaboration :-)
There is no need to fill in the survey, if you have done it already during Soiree.


Thursday 22nd June: CEMS Alumni Drink in a cool bar!
Join this traditional unofficial gathering of CEMS Alumni :-) 
We are looking forward to meeting you at Groove Bar (Vorsilska 6 nearby Narodni trida). The place opens at 7pm as well as our drink starts.
For additional information check the Facebook page

Update from the CEMS Community: CEMS Soiree 2017 at VSE
  • Check the beautiful photos from this great event PHOTOS
  • You can also watch the video VIDEO
  • And learn about what has been presented PRESENTATION
Pavlína, Vojta and Honza
Your CEMS Alumni Board Team
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CEMS Alumni Drink in a cool bar in Prague city center on 22nd June

Dear Alumni,

let's meet for an unofficial social gathering - favourite evergreen: CEMS ALUMNI DRINK ;-)

When: on Thursday 22nd June 2017 from 7pm
Where: Groove Bar, Vorsilska 6 (nearby Narodni trida)

We are looking forward to seeing you :-)
Your CEMS Alumni Board Team

středa 31. května 2017

Czech Alumni strongly represented in the global CEMS Alumni newsletter

We are happy to see how many great updates in the global CEMS Alumni Newsletter come from the Czech Alumni ;-). The new issue of the newsletter is to be downloaded HERE.

úterý 30. května 2017

CEMS Alumni discussed Burnout

Thank to the increasing speed of life, upgraded complexity of work nowadays and continuously leveling up requirements that each individual puts on himself / herself, burnout is no longer a syndrome occurring exceptionally. Instead it seems as a new “disease” of the modern era. 

As this is highly relevant for the business world, we chose to dedicate a special CEMS Alumni event to the topic of burnout.

Gorgeous location

The event took place in the beautiful settings of Czech Press Photo Centre in Prague 5. Before emerging to the discussion about burnout, we got a unique chance to get a private tour at the centre and explore also “the behind the curtains” areas of this place. 

Having the opporyunity to see all extraordinary photos from the charity photo auction Sance prodeti (Chance for children) was an icing on a cake.

Great discussion

It was a big pleasure to welcome among us Dominika Cechova, a counselor specializing on depth psychology and relationships as well as stress on a workplace. Before emerging into the world of therapies, Dominika worked at Big 4 and went through hew own burnout experience.

We were happy to see that this topic attracted wide audience with fresh graduates, experienced business professional as well as alumni, who are already parents. 

Key points discussed during the evening: 

1) Stress is internal, i.e. external stress does not exist
Stress is not an external element influencing us, though it is our internal reaction. Therefore, we can influence, if we get overwhelmed by it, if we start fighting with it or if we learn how to cope with it.

2) Dealing with stress? Open the doors of Your internal world and ask for help
Help in this case does not need to a be counselor or therapist, it can be also a friend, a spouse or a manager. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is just opposite, it is a great sign of strength.

3) Theory of two bottles: why different people react differently to stress?
This is Dominika’s own theory showing figuratively how we deal with stress.

A first group of people tend to get overwhelmed and feel stressed after every slight signal of pressure as a plastic bottle does. Though when something considerable happens and they fall down, they promptly take off again.

The second group of people can handle a day to day stress without any sign of being touched by it. They are firm and seem to be able to survive anything. But when they fall down, they break into pieces as a glass bottle does.

4) Follow your intuition is not a buzzword
This might seem as a phrase. Though, it is very true. Follow your inner feeling. Does this job feel right for me? Am I taking a direct life directions? Etc.

5) Burnout: a shining star quickly moving up and quickly falling down
A typical sign of a burnout is a steep successful career moving upwards followed by a prompt fall down. Usually, company’s stars, who are highly capable, achieve enormous results and career steps in a short period of time are the ones, who can later suffer from burnout.

Burnout as such can have various symptoms such as lethargy, anxiety, avoidance of meeting people, avoidance or doing things one loves, reoccurring diseases and pains, panic attacks, migraine etc.

6) Don’t want to be burnout? Find time for relaxation, cherish your relationships
If you feel you are on the way towards burnout – the first great signal is that you get aware of it. If you have a tendency to overachieve and be constantly great, choose in your free time activities that calm you down – e.g.. yoga, meditation, walking in the nature. Going for yet highly active sports only increases the amount of “stress in the body”. 

At the same time focus on other aspects of life, your family, friends. Do things you love and enjoy.

Last but not least ask yourself, what is that you are actually going after by your high-speed and overachievement oriented life style? This is a part when burnout meets psychology. As also Dominika mentioned, though burnout can seem as a work syndrome initially, it is deeply rooted in our upbringing, family, our relationships to our loved ones, to people around us, to ourselves.

7) Be aware of burnout when raising your kids: show them that burnout is a dead end
Our kids do mirror us. Our generation is the first generation increasingly suffering from burnout yet a first generation able to talk about it openly. Let’s use all these findings and / or eventually our own experience with burnout and show the kids that overachieving and being constantly the best is not on its own the best path to shining future and happy life.

We would like to use say big thank to Dominika for joining us for this evening as well as to all participants for their openness and honesty. Big thank you goes also to Honza Kubik for arranging a private tour of Sance pro deti photo exhibition and the Czech Press Photo center as whole. 

We are looking forward to meeting you at the next CEMS Alumni Events.
Your CEMS Alumni Board,
Pavlina, Vojta and Honza

čtvrtek 25. května 2017

Top reading about the CEMS Community

Interested in top reading about the CEMS Community?

Check the global issue of the CEMS Magazine and its last hottest topic: Happiness at workplace.

Explore the great Czech CEMS Community magazine called CEMS Insider, lately focused on topics of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Your CEMS Alumni Board

středa 24. května 2017

Don't miss these great CEMS Alumni Events!

Dear CEMS Alumni,
don't miss these two great upcoming CEMS Alumni events!

29th May at 6:15 pm: CEMS discussing BURNOUT: What can I do in order not to be burned out...?
Join the CEMS panel discussion at the cozy Czech Press Photo Cafe
(Na zlate 1, Prague 5).
The discussion will start at 7pm. If you can, come at 6:15pm to enjoy the unique private tour at the charity photo exhibition Sance pro deti / Chance for children (www.sanceprodeti.cz). More info HERE or on Facebook. Registration at: cemsalumni@seznam.cz.

You can look forward to GREAT SPEAKERS SHARING THEIR STORIES AND EXPERIENCE: counselor Dominika Cechova and film editor Michal Dvorak and CEMS ALUMNI HOSTS: Pavlina Simurdova and Vojtech Oplestil

8th June: CEMS Soiree 2017 at VSE: Come to meet CEMS Alumni, Teachers and Corporate Partners 
Join the traditional CEMS Community Event on Thursday 8th June from 6pm in Akademicky klub at VSE.
Further information HERE or on the Facebook event. Registration needed via the following LINK by 1st June 2017.

Update from the CEMS Community:
Pavlína, Vojta and Honza
Your CEMS Alumni Board Team
Blog: http://cemsalumniprague.blogspot.cz/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/66903111641/
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pondělí 8. května 2017

Interested in learning about Burnout? Join our next CEMS Alumni event

Come on Monday 29th May and join our panel discussion on this the topic Burnout and how to avoid it!

LIMITED NUMBER OF PLACES AVAILABLE: register at cemsalumni@seznam.cz

On the top of that, we will get a chance to go for a private tour at the charity photo exhibition the Chance for Children / Sance pro deti

When: 29th May from 6:15pm / 7pm
Where: Czech Press Photo Cafe, Na zlate 1, 158 00 Prague 5

  • Exhibition: 6:15 till 7pm - orgnized by CEMS Alumnus Jan Kubik and Thomson Reuters
  • Panel discussion about Burnout: 7pm till 9pm

GREAT SPEAKERS: counselor Dominika Cechova and film editor Michal Dvorak
accompanied by CEMS ALUMNI HOSTS: Pavlina Simurdova and Vojtech Oplestil 

Location / Refreshment:
The event takes places in the Czech Press Photo Cafe (nearby the stop Nove Butovice), where you can enjoy delicious refreshments

REGISTRATION NEEDED AT cemsalumni@seznam.cz

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Your CEMS Alumni Board Team :-)

neděle 30. dubna 2017

CEMS Global Advisory & Mentoring Platform

If you really look closely, most overnight success took a long time.
- Steve Jobs

Behind every great career is a great set of mentors. The advisors on the CEMS Global Advisory & Mentoring Platform come from a wide range of jobs and industries and they're determined to help you succeed. Book a career conversation, resume critique, or mock interview with them today. Just go here.
Source: From CAA Newsletter.

Vojtěch on behalf of the CEMS Alumni Czech Republic Board Team
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What to do after the summer? Plan of events - updated

Dear alumni
at the beginning of this year we were planning a number of different events - aimed at networking, cooperation with students, fun... Whatever you like...

This is the current version of the plan (update as of 30 May 2017):
28.1. Topic: Family and Career (already took place) DONE
23.2. Start of mentoring program (already took placeDONE
16.3. Topic: Business Owners (already took placeDONE
30.3. CEMS Graduate profile DONE
5.4. Drink (you can register here)  DONE
7.4. CEMS Gala (organized by students) DONE
11.4. Sauna (you can register here, changed date) DONE
20.4. Mentoring program checkpoint (via on-line questionnaire)
29.5. Topic: Prevention of burnout (changed date)
8.6.  CEMS Soiree (organized by VSE) + Mentoring evaluatoin
10.6. Yoga in the park

There are still some events we need to plan in detail: networking event (in May or later) and maybe something more :-).

Would you like to propose any other event? Or would you like to help us organizing these events?

What kind of events should we organize after the summer?

Pavlina, Vojta and Honza
Your CEMS Alumni Board Team
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