pátek 24. března 2017

Plan of events

Dear alumni
we are planning a number of different events - aimed at networking, cooperation with students, fun... Whatever you like...

This is the current version of the plan (update as of 20 March 2017):
28.1. Topic: Family and Career (already took place) DONE
23.2. Start of mentoring program (already took placeDONE
16.3. Topic: Business Owners (already took placeDONE
30.3. CEMS Graduate profile
5.4. Drink (you can register here)
7.4. CEMS Gala (organized by students)
11.4. Sauna (you can register here, changed date)
30.3. CEMS Graduate profile roundtable
20.4. Mentoring program checkpoint (via on-line questionnaire)
29.5. Topic: Prevention of burnout (changed date)
8.6.  CEMS Soiree (organized by VSE) + Mentoring evaluatoin
10.6. Yoga in the park

There are still some events we need to plan in detail: networking event (in May or later) and maybe something more :-).

Would you like to propose any other event? Or would you like to help us organizing these events?

Pavlina, Vojta and Honza
Your CEMS Alumni Board Team
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pátek 17. března 2017

CEMSies sharing their experience with running own business

Dear CEMSies,

we are glad that our 2nd CEMS Alumni professional event this time related to Entrepreneurship attracted a wider audience of both CEMS students and alumni.

The event that took place on 16th March 2017. We got three speakers, who shared their stories and experience from running their own businesses.

It was highly inspirational to learn about different business concepts varying as much as: photo-voltaic distribution, VIP travel agency, pet food, fresh organic food, young coconuts and running courses for women. Below you can find a few key notes from the evening.

Key messages for new entrepreneurs: 

  • There are thousands of ideas, only the execution makes the difference
  • Consider all three parts: IDEA - RELATIONSHIPS - SYSTEM (in business and also in life)
  • Don't try to reinvent the wheel, get inspiration the new trends, from abroad 
  • Consult with a senior expert, pay for specialists' advice 
  • Prepare a higher budget 
  • Do the things professionally since the beginning
  • Focus on people, don't try to do everything on your own
  • Be yourself, honest and authentic :-)

Mindset change from a corporate world to own business:
  • In your own business: You are the work. Work doesn't come, you need to create it.  
  • Corporate systems and processes work in own business only after reaching a certain size 
  • Use the great opportunity in corporations to learn from senior colleagues. Build your network

Key challenge as seen by all speakers: 

  • People - i.e. finding the right business partner, co-worker or employee. Running a business with friend can be very tricky, though can work, if everyone is completely open, honest and able to make a difference between friendship and business relationship

We would like to thank to all speakers as well as to all participants of the this event.  

We are looking forward to seeing you on our next professional event that take place on 29th May 2017 this time related to the the topic Burnout and how to avoid it.  

Kind regards from the CEMS Alumni Board,

čtvrtek 2. března 2017

CEMS Mentoring Programme 2017 kicked off

We are proud to share that the 2017 CEMS Mentoring Programme has been kicked off. The mentoring programme has been relaunched after a few years break as a joint initiative of the CEMS Alumni Association Czech Republic and CEMS Club Prague. Big thank you goes to Ulyana Makarava, who stood at the beginning of this idea.

We are happy that 25 alumni signed up as mentors and almost the same number of students want to become mentees. We are glad to see that also exchange students as well as CEMS alumni living abroad signed up for the programme.

Students are primarily interested in the start-up area and entrepreneurship, modern technologies, international career and living abroad. This is combined with the traditional fields such as consulting, marketing or finance. It is great to see that new as well as senior alumni are part of the programme.

In order to get to know each other, both students and alumni were invited for the CEMS Mentoring kick-off event that took place on 23rd February 2017 in the restaurant Nola in Prague 4. The main purpose of this event was to get to know each other and the whole evening was prepared in an informal atmosphere.

Michaela Novakov shared her experience with mentoring and thereby introduced the concept to students. All participating alumni said a few words about themselves.

Students and alumni then got a chance to mingle and enjoy the networking part. The evening was further followed by a dinner. During the evening, students could have also read through the profiles of alumni, who were not able to come to this event. You can check photos from this event HERE

After receiving students’ preferences, the CEMS Alumni Association Czech Republic together with CEMS Club Prague did the matching process. Once the assigned students were confirmed by alumni, the mentoring itself could have started.

Mentees and mentors have the complete freedom to agree on time, frequency and topic of their discussion. In order to share best practise, we will do a half term experience sharing. The final evaluation is going to be done on 8th June 2017 during the CEMS Soiree at the University of Economics in Prague.

The mentoring programme is currently prepared as a semester initiative, though we hope that mentors and mentees wil stay in touch also in the future. As also Michaela Novakov mentioned, the important element of successful mentoring is on one side good match between mentor and mentee and on the other side long-term collaboration.

Thank you all for your support to make the 2017 CEMS Mentoring Programme happen.
Kind regards,

CEMS Alumni Board Czech Republic

středa 1. března 2017

CEMS Students and Alumni Event on the topic Business Owners

Following the successful tradition of Meet up... evenings, we are thrilled to invite you for the CEMS Meeting on the topic Running own business with the headline: Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Which skills are needed to start and run own business? 
  • What are the first three steps when starting own business?
  • Which areas do our speakers recommend to start own business in?
You can look forward to following speakers: Filip RihaZdenek FousMichal Adrian and Helena SuchomelovaThis event is designed for CEMS business owners as well as for CEMS students or alumni interested in starting own business. 
Location: VSE Prague, RB 210, 7pm
Registration: via email at: cemsalumni@seznam.cz

Your CEMS Alumni Board

středa 8. února 2017

Alumni sauna

UPDATE: The event will start at 2015.
After a long break I would like to revive the tradition of CEMS Alumni sauna meetings.

When: 1 March, 19:00-21:00
Where: Svět pod Palmovkou (just a couple of minutes walk from the Palmovka metro station) - already tested couple of times in the past
Registraion: Register at Facebook or just send me an e-mail.
Fee: Note that those of you who have paid their CEMS Alumni membership fee will get 100 CZK or so discount on the entrance fee. The others will pay the whole entrance fee. We will make sure that the entrance fee will not be higher than a usuall fee (which is approximately 200 CZ).

Should you have any questions or suggestions (e.g. another sauna venue) just let me know.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Your CEMS Alumni Board Team
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neděle 29. ledna 2017

CEMS Alumni discussing family and career

Dear CEMSies,

our event on the topic Family and Career took place in a bit untypical environment for CEMS gatherings - in kids' entertainment center Café Koala. This showed up to be a great choice for both kids thanks to the enormous amount of play and fun opportunities in the center as well as for adults due to very nice and comfortable atmosphere, great café and friendly and smiling staff.
Almost all attendees of this event were parents. After we all met and kids started to explore the neighboring slides and jungle gyms, we did an introduction round. Each of us introduced himself / herself and also added what he/she currently faces in relation to family and career. 

Clearly the key point of discussion was, under which conditions a mum can work but also be with her kids - i.e. a compromise between full time job full time household. CEMS mum enjoy being with kids at tome but at the same time are capable and want to work, further use and develop their skills and capabilities. 

So what is the ideal scenario? Based on our discussion, it is a part time job with flexible working hours that can be done from home. Although, the reality of the job market is a different story. There are some cases, when a mum is offered a part time job that can be combined with family. 
Though what we learnt from our own stories or based on our own experience, these are mostly individual exceptions, company and society rules are still rather rigid in this area. 

This can be a great topic also for big companies, for CEMS corporate partners. Today's huge topic is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Isn't this one of the key topics in the CSR agenda?

We would like to thank to all participants of this event. We are looking forward to seeing you at other events coming this year (more details soon :-)). 
Thank you for being interested in this topic and also reading this article.
Pavlina, Vojta and Honza
Your CEMS Alumni Board Team

čtvrtek 26. ledna 2017

CEMS Alumni Saturday morning event on the topic Family and Career

Dear CEMSies,

this is a little reminder about the upcoming CEMS Event dedicated to the topic Family and Career.
We are meeting on Saturday (28th Jan) at 10 am in Cafe Koala in Prague Hostivar
If you are coming with public transport, take a bus number 111 from Skalka to the station "Tovarny Hostivar".
Cafe Koala is a kids' entertainment center, so also kids are warmly welcomed :-)
Registration via email at: cemsalumni@seznam.cz
We are looking forward to meeting you,
Your CEMS Alumni Prague Board

PS: There is no entrance fee for adults of babies up to 1 years. The entrance fee to the kids' entertainment park in Cafe Koala for kids between 1 and 3 years is 150 CZK, for kids older than 3 years, it is 250 CZK.

středa 18. ledna 2017

Sign up for the 2017 CEMS Mentoring Programme

Dear CEMS Alumni
we would like to invite you to join 2017 CEMS Mentoring Programme. This is an initiative that was running successfully in past and we would like to continue with this tradition.

Do you want to share you passion as well as your experience? Do you want to support the new generation of CEMSies through career or life mentoring? Join the 2017 CEMS Mentoring Programme

No previous experience in mentoring is needed. What is important is your willingness to share part of your time and your experience with others. No matter whether you run your own business or work in an international or local company, whether you do business or work for NGOs.Everyone has something valuable to share. 

Do you want to take part in the CEMS Mentoring Programme?
  1. Sign up via this form
  2. Book the evening on 23rd February 2017 between 6:30 and 9pm for the joined kick-off event (at VSE, Prague 3) 
  3. Be comfortable with spending one hour of your time every two weeks on meetings with your mentee (meetings can be face to face or skype) between March and June 2017.

How is the CEMS Mentoring Programme organized?
After the kick-off event on 23rd February, we will finalize the matching between mentors and mentees. You will get contact details on your mentee, so you can agree on the first mentoring meeting. The frequency, location and time of your meet-ups depends only on the agreement between you and your mentee. After two months, we will call for a Catch-up meeting to share what is working as well as ideas for improvement. At the end of the 2017 spring semester, we will make the final evaluation. The mentoring programme may end for you at the end of the spring semester or you may agree with the mentee on it further continuation. 

Any questions?
Feel free to contact the CEMS Alumni Prague Team at cemsalumni@seznam.cz
Still not sure? Check out this video

Pavlina, Vojta and Honza
Your CEMS Alumni Board Team

neděle 15. ledna 2017

CEMS Alumni event on the topic Family and Career (bring your kids along :))

Dear CEMSies,

we would like to invite you for a networking as well as a family event on Saturday 28th January at 10am in Café Koala. During this event, we will talk about combining family and career, sharing our experience, while kids have space to explore the kids' center in Café Koala.To secure enough space for us, please register at: cemsalumni@seznam.cz

A short summary:
Topic: Family and Career
Where: Café Koala, Dolnomecholupska 209/17, Praha 10 Hostivar
When Saturday 28th January between 10am and 1pm
Registration at: cemsalumni@seznam.cz

We are looking forward to meeting you!
CEMS Alumni Board

neděle 11. prosince 2016

CEMS Alumni Association Prague - Election of new Board

Dear CEMS Alumni,

we are pleased to announce that we got candidates for the CEMS Alumni Board in the Czech Republic. In order to appoint the team into the role officially, we are calling for the CEMS Alumni Elections.

It is very simple, just send an email to cemsalumni@seznam.cz, where you express that you vote for the full board. Add your full name as well as your email address. We need at least 10 voting members in order to fulfill all official steps. You can vote from today, 10th December till Friday, 16th December 2016.

Candidates for the CEMS Alumni Board Team are:

  • Pavlina Simurdova for the president role (Pavlina's profila at LinkedIN)
  • Vojtech Oplestil for the vice-president role (LinkedIN)
  • Jan Horacek as a treasurer (LinkedIN)


The new CEMS Alumni board team is primarily focused on preparing events that will bring additional value for both CEMS Alumni and CEMS Students as well as on preparing social gatherings, family and sport events.

Due to the change in the Czech legislation, the Alumni team has prepared updated version of the statutes of the CEMS Alumni Association Czech Republic z.s.. For those interested, you can contact Pavlina.

Thank you for your cooperation.